Keynote Speakers


Prof. Dr. Ramazan Sarı

Middle East Technical University
Department of Business Administration
Ankara – TURKEY

Keynote Title: “Importance of Economic and  Social Issues in Efficient Solar and Wind Energy Policy Development”

Prof. Dr. Adem Karahoca
Bahcesehir University
Department of Software Engineering
Istanbul, Turkey

Keynote Title: “Sustainable big-data policies and strategies in major energy companies”





Assoc. Prof. Dr. MURAT SÖNMEZ
Middle East Technical University, Northern Cyprus Campus

Keynote Title: Is the Aim, in any Case, to Publish Articles at all Costs?
Research and Publication Ethics

Abstract: In today’s competitive world, the importance of scientific research leading to new technologies and innovative products is undeniable. Publishing the results and outcomes of a research is crucial. It should be recorded by whom the research was conducted and who is responsible for the research outputs. The publication of research results in scientific community will enable other researchers to benefit from the results and, if necessary, to carry out additional studies. In the recruitment of professors to universities, and later in the extension of their contracts, and their promotions, number of publications is used as an important criterion. In some universities, number of publication is used as the main measuring tool to promote academic staff. Such a wrong policy may enforce young academicians to publish articles in any case at all costs. They may violate research ethics rules, or may find journals that their referees are not very competent on the subjected things or may even show someone else’s research as his own, in order to be promoted in a shorter period of time. In this article, research and publication ethics are reviewed. The role of journal editors and ethics committee of universities are highlighted for preventing possible violations.
Key Words: Research ethics, publication ethics

Bio: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Murat Sönmez, , was born in Ankara, Turkey, in 1959. He received his PhD degree in Mechanical Engineering from Middle East Technical University (METU), in 1995. He worked as a research engineer, a teaching assistant and then an instructor for METU (Ankara Campus) between 1981- 2007. Currently, he is a full-time faculty member in the Mechanical Engineering Program at METU Northern Cyprus Campus. His main research interests include energy saving, energy management, technical education, computer aided design and manufacturing. He is editor in chief of World Journal of Environmental Research, member of Research and Publication Ethics Committee of METU NCC, and one of the members of the editorial board of the Science PG- Educational Journal. He is also one of the peer reviewers of Science PG- American Journal of Energy Engineering, and that of British Educational Research Journal.